Statement of Principles

The National Park Principles convey strong, widespread, nonpartisan support for the national parks and related conservation, historic preservation, and recreation programs to national leaders, and define common ground for leaders, advocates, philanthropists and park partners. The principles are designed to have a lengthy life, to be compelling, and to provide a philosophical framework that guides the separate action agenda that emerged from America’s Summit on National Parks. The principles focus on “high level” concepts designed to lay the groundwork for specific policy propositions, philanthropic approaches and partnership efforts. They are intended to be sufficiently specific to be used to support key action items and to enable efforts at accountability, consistent with the breadth of support their supporters exemplify. They are designed to highlight the broad appeal of our national parks.

Statement of Principles (PDF) | Declaración De Principios Comunes (PDF)

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Joint Statement from NPCA and NPHA on the White House Conference on America's Great Outdoors 

Presentations and Transcripts

America’s National Parks and 21st Century Trends, Priorities, and Values: Gaining Broad Support
Moderator: Carlos Alcazar, President & CEO, Hispanic Communications Network

  The Economic Benefits of the National Parks and Park Programs

The Economic Value of Our National Parks and Park Programs

Breakout Session Materials

 Connecting Youth through Education

 The Economic Value of Our National Parks and Park Programs

 The Next Generation of America’s Parks: New Models and Opportunities

Connecting with Urban Communities and New Populations

Organizational Excellence

Visitation and Experiences

 Connecting and Conserving Landscapes (Natural)

 Connecting and Conserving Landscapes (Cultural)